Weekly Theme Drops

Weekly Theme Drops

Our Limited Edition Drop is your change to snag unique items!
Order Friday by Midnight!

Items in this collection are either semi, or fully exclusive to RevelYOU. 
Items may, or may not, be offered again.

Now is your time to stand out by offering Limited Edition Product to your customers!
Be sure, to create the urge to purchase by letting them know, to snag it now, before it's too late!


Here is how these will work!
Every Friday we will drop a content bundle for the upcoming week's theme.

Grab it NOW, so you can run the content along with the themed product that will be posted during the upcoming week.

We will be offering the following for each theme:
- Sunday Limited Drop Transfers
*You will need to order by midnight for these, or wait and see if there are any extras. Extras may be limited.
- RTS Transfers (inventory will be live, first come first serve)
- Tumblers
- Freshies
- Stickers
- Marketing inserts & packaging fillers

Use the content to run the products that coordinate with the theme!
We suggest grabbing transfers quickly, as they may not restock. All other products you can run during the week and order by Saturday at midnight saving you so much shipping!

You will need to pay attention to whether items are stock or preorder. Stock items may have limited inventory, and preorder will have shipping dates listed!

Grab packaging fillers and stickers so when your ready to ship to your customers, you have fillers/etc. that coordinate with the theme as well!

We will also be offering completed T Shirts for you to run during the week with SOME of the themes.