Meet The Maker

Hey y'all!! I will keep it sweet and short!! 

Having multiple children and trying to provide an income, isn't always easy!! In 2016 after our youngest son was born, I was looking for away to make ends meet, while being able to stay at home with our baby, two adopted children. 

Tired, exhausted, covered in snot, crumbs, and only God knows what else - I thought there has to be a business for women like me. Surely I am not the only one who is tired of try to stay comfy and looking like I am holding it all together!! 

Picture of my kiddos for attention.

So, after a few days of thinking, RevelYOU was born!! 

My dream for my company is not just to provide affordable clothing options for women on the go, but also to create a space where women can come together, be themselves, and grow from one another. 

It's my wish that you will get excellent customer service, seek advice, learn, grown, and inspire other women through my company!! 

PLEASE join us on Facebook in the RevelYOU VIP group and also follow us on Instagram @revelyouboutique! I can't WAIT to see you all there!!

And if you read this!! Use code MEETTHEMAKER for free shipping on your order!!
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